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ATA Testing
by Will Worsham - Monday, 30 September 2013, 06:34 PM is an automated testing site for Levels One, Two & Three judging chevrons. Each test is self-contained in its own course. Enrollment is $2 per year for your level to help cover the costs of hosting this site with a portion of this fee going to the H.U. Lee Scholarship Foundation. If re-certifying, you need only take and pass the test for the chevron you are re-certifying. You must pass level one before taking level two and have passed levels one and two before attempting level three. Once certified at a certain level you need not retake the lower levels each year. Once enrolled, you may take whichever of the tests you need as many times as necessary. You will be given instant feedback on your attempt. A score of 90% or better is required to pass. After achieving a passing score, please print out your results page and take it to your instructor. You will need the following:

  • Your ATA Number
  • Your Instructor's Name
  • Your Instructor's E-mail Address
  • School Phone Number

For Technical Support please email:

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Rules Clarification - Combat Weapon Sparring
by Will Worsham - Thursday, 7 March 2013, 07:12 AM

Please note that the rule is not changing.


One (1) penalty point will be awarded the opponent if a competitor drops his/her weapon for any reason from the time the match begins until a winner is determined for that match.

If a weapons is dropped, the center judge should immediately call “STOP TIME”.

Example 1Competitor A jump strikes Competitor B on the top of the head with a combat weapon sparring technique. During the attempt to evade, Competitor B drops his weapon. Competitor A would receive 3 points for the jump strike to the head, but only 1 additional point for the dropped weapon because the maximum points one can receive at any one time is 4.

Example 2Competitor A jumps and strikes Competitor B on the weapon-holding arm below the elbow with a combat weapon sparring technique. As a result of the strike Competitor B drops his weapon.Competitor A would receive 3 points for a jump strike to the weapon-holding arm and an additional one (1) points for the disarm. This would result in a total of 4 points.

Example 3:  Competitor A, strikes Competitor B in the head and as a continuation of the technique/motion, drops his weapon, Competitor A would receive no (0) points, and Competitor B would be awarded one (1) point because his opponent dropped his/her weapon.

Example 4:  Competitor A strikes Competitor B in the head, finishes the motion, and returns to a neutral position after break has been called.  Competitor A then drops his/her weapon.  The judges should then call “stop time”, and confer with the center judge asking the following questions:

1.       Did you see a weapon drop?

2.      Was it in the continuation of a scoring motion?

If the answer to Q-1 was yes, and the answer to Q-2 was NO, then Competitor A would receive 2 points for a strike to the head, but Competitor B would receive one (1) point because his/her opponent dropped the weapon.

JUDGES NOTE:  Please have the Center Judge call "stop time" if a weapon is dropped.  The key phrase here is whether or not the weapon was dropped in the continuation of the strike/stab.  If the competitor lost control of his/her weapon while performing a strike/stab technique then the competitor may not receive any points.  If the drop was during the break, then the competitor who performed a scoring technique should receive the “offensive points”, but his/her opponent should also receive a point because his/her opponent lost control of the weapon.

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Rules Clarification - Creative & Xtreme - Presentation
by Will Worsham - Thursday, 7 March 2013, 07:07 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Improperly presenting oneself durning a Creative or Xtreme Competition is NOT grounds for disqualification.

Please review the video pertaining to this in the ATA Rules Review Course (FREE) for further clarification.


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